The Ebullient Painter

When you see colors or something vibrant do you have that insane urge to just gobble it all down? The exciting colors just call out to your happy place?
Well, our next talented artist feels JUST THAT!
Meet Megha Balar, an exciting painter with a love for colors!


1. So, tell us your story? How did your interest in art start?
As a child I was always interested in drawing and scribbling. I would always ask my mom to get me books to fill with colors instead of textbooks! (Ahem, who wants those anyways?)
In my school I would love doing crafty projects. I even participated in many school and inter school competitions. My teachers back in school found my handwriting artistic and therefore encouraged me more. When my mom put me in classes, that’ when I found the real me.


2. At what age did you start creating artworks and what was your first inspiration?
I think I started creating artwork when I was in my 5th or 6th grade! I remember my first ever drawing was of a red beetle with black spots! My first inspiration was my mother’s sister. She created brilliant art and she also gave me a hand painted card which really inspired me!
My family, Insha my teacher at Chitrakala Parishat, my companions (Sukanya, Nanditha and Sumitha) were the real inspirations behind me and my work. They encouraged and supported me bring out my capabilities.



3. Did you formally learn to design or are you self-taught? Your illustration style is unique.
As I said I always enjoyed drawing and scribbling. But yeah, my drawing tutor taught me the basics and I learnt the application of oil pastels, color theory, pencil, charcoals etc. After that I got busy with academics and was concentrating on that. After I graduated as a Bachelor of Business Management, I wasn’t very interested in the corporate world. I wanted to do something of my own. It was during this time that my mother insisted I do a course in Fine Arts. That was when I took my first real step towards my career. I joined the hobby course (basic learning of art) at Chitrakala Parishath. That was a turning point for me.


4. Is there any inspiration to your style?
Right now at this stage, my inspiration is Sioveh (Nanditha Dhinsa) Her work is so real and passionate. It reflects a sense of freedom and originality.

5. Which is your favorite art and why?
I don’ really have a specific artwork that I love. Any art that is pleasing to the eyes, gets a smile on my face and makes me observe it for a while, is my favorite. 


6. What is your dream project?
I don’t really have a dream project. I just want to keep painting and keep working with colors. I want to make the world a colorful place to live in!


Radha Krishna 1

7. Complete this sentence. Art to you is…
Art to me is something in which I can portray myself the best. Art is like my best friend, where I can share and feel better. It is something that always gets the best out of me!

8. What is your art all about?
My art is all about something very colorful and realistic paintings on canvas.


9. Tell us a little about your collaborations.
I have collaborated with Sioveh ( Nandita Dhinsa ) for projects like Local Oye, Serranos at Manyata and an art festival at Orion. I love working under her. She’s the best teacher to me in terms of art. I have also collaborated with Mint Green in designing a wall for Studio Flinto.


10. What do you dislike about your work?
I don’t really dislike anything about my work. But, I don’t like the fact that majority of the people ask for free art and do not understand what it takes to create a piece of art. An artist puts his/ her soul into it and it deserves payment in recognition.

11. What do you like most about your work?
What I like most about my work is use of colors and color palettes! I love mixing colors. Actually it’s kind of funny but when I mix colors, my mouth starts watering and i find those colors yummy! SLURP!


12. Name three artists you would like to be compared to.
Vincent Van Gogh and Sioveh are the artists i would like to be compared to.

13. What would your advice to young illustrators and design aspirants be?
Haha I am way too young to be giving advice! But I’d say just keep doing what makes you happy and keep drawing, scribbling and playing with colors. Trust your instincts no matter what.


Spoke like a true Doodle!

You can catch more of Megha’s amazing work here:
TINT offers a collection of art in a variety of mediums including acrylic paintings, oil paintings,etc where every painting has a story to tell. You can contact her on


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