The Adventurous Entrepreneur

March is when we celebrate Women’s Day – all the beauty, strength and courage of the female gender.On this occasion we bring to you a really special feature. Some of you may already be familiar with her.To others, she will be someone who will, at the very least, leave you awe-struck. Meet Meghna Khanna – entrepreneur, avid biker, super cool mom and the owner of what many have called Bangalore’s best kept secret – Levitate!

KRT_9078-Edit 2.jpg

Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in small towns across north India. Thanks to my dad’s profession as a fighter pilot, we moved around a lot.


How did you get your idea or concept of Levitate?
After completing my MBA and working in the corporate research for just about a year, I decided to quit and start something of my own. And move to Bangalore. I had an opportunity with my friends who were starting a restaurant. I got a small space to use and start my brand. I was lucky that way. This same friend is now my husband. Levitate was at a place called 93 then. Today, 15 years later, rents are sky high and deposits are deep. So the end investment is high and it could get intimidating.



What is unique about your business?
Levitate offers a mix of everything. It’s a place with tones of stuff. We showcase a mix of old traditions and new designs.




What difficulties did you face making Levitate a reality?
Convincing my family and friends that quitting my job and being adventurous with my life and following my dreams was a call of duty and I would be ok!


What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
When you do what you love, it never feels like hard work


What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
When new people I meet at my store hug me on their way out, thanking me for Levitate!


Tell us about your special love for biking and how it all started?
I learned to ride my dad’s Bajaj scooter when I was 12 and then moved on to bikes at 13. Thanks to my elder brother’s friends.


How is entrepreneurship and working women important for India as a whole?
The whole equation is changing. It’s small but it’s happening. Its time of the Alpha Female (a go-getter and achiever) and beta male (accepting and non-aggressive).


What has been your most favorite memory while you escape and explore on your bike?
Back in 2005, I rode up from Delhi to Khardung-La, the highest motorable mountain pass in the world.It was a two week motorcycle road trip called the Himalayan Odyssey organized for the first time by Royal Enfield, India to commemorate 50 years.
I also appeared in their coffee table book and its “Trip” advert series and the Limca book of records back in the day .
But apart from all this, it was the ride of my life and i got to take one thing off my Bucket List!

If you had one advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Be your best self and be different. And believe, without a doubt and do a lot of research.


Mezz Floor,
Inside 100 Ft Boutique Restaurant,
777/i, 100 Feet Road,
Indira Nagar,
Karnataka 560042


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