The Hip Hairstylist 2.0

Come summer and out come the summer “looks”. And with it of course is all the new dos. This next feature is the first of its kind. It’s a follow-up. We go back to our Hip Hairstylist – Milly Kongwang.
For the Doodles who have followed us, this feature brings us up to speed with her story and to the new ones, this is one to mark and save! You’ll thank us later!


Last time you told us you are a girl living her dream. How has it changed in the last two years?
I’m still living my dream but not just living, breathing it too and I love it! I haven’t changed, I am still the same girl living her passion but Flirty Scissors has, its gone bigger and is now a spa and salon.

There have been some notable changes in Flirty Scissors from the last time we covered your story.Take us through your journey.
Yes definitely. It’s been a very dedicated and humble journey to reach where I am today. From the last time I told you my story, I had to let go of a lot and have lost people I love along the way but Flirty Scissors did not stop to grow. We are now a spa and salon and again it’s all out of passion. My heart and soul has gone into this place. Every vision that I’ve ever had, I have tried to put it across. Not just the place but the people (my girls and boys) who I’m surrounded by. I am all about the energy and as long as I can I will spread positive energy in every way I can.


How has the brand Milly changed professionally and personally since the launch of your new space?
Milly Kongwang always stood by and for flirty scissors. Together we have become more passionate, more hard-working and we love to spread our passion to others. We have become more focused to change people’s life one cut/color/massage at a time.


You are now the senior stylist and don’t take as many clients as before but we have seen you do everything from cleaning to taking calls. What would you advise to aspiring young entrepreneurs such as yourself?
Everything I do in life is out of love and passion, so I’ve never seen anything as “this is not my job” I will broom, I will clean, I will make coffee for clients and I try as much as I can to put this across to my staff as well. If you start restricting yourself, you’ll never grow. I believe in growing every way possible and if you do things from your heart you will never be angry doing it. It’s all part of learning.



What is one thing you always wanted to do professionally and haven’t had the chance yet?
Well it’s not that it’s not going to happen because it will! I have told myself once my place is all settled, I want to go every couple of months and give haircuts at an orphanage or the elderly homes. It is something I want to do and will do.

What would you call a current trend in hair (both coloring and styling) in Bangalore and India? Do they differ from one another? How would you compare it in global trends?
I don’t know about others but personally I love caramel color on Indian hair! Be it light caramel, dark caramel or burnt caramel. When it comes to long hair I think the nape cut goes amazing! You can put your hair into a bun or ponytail and it looks amazing. With short there are so many! I love doing short hair.
I have been doing the graduated cut since 2008 and its only picked up now here. I love playing with different pixies and for men keep it short stylish and sharp. We are definitely changing if we see where we were and now, people are more open to changes now and hence it helps us visualize and play a little more.



Every artist has a personal favorite type of client. What would you say you enjoy most at work?
All clients are precious! Everyone has a previous story from a previous salon or spa experience when they walk into Flirty Scissors, it is amazing to know how they felt what they felt before choosing us and to know how we have changed and touched their lives after.
The best kind of client is definitely who walks in believing in us and the ones who say ‘ I leave it up to you’ , ‘I Trust you’ . The word TRUST changes my life each time I hear it, it is like I have their life in my hands and I have to do justice to it.


Do you have a muse? If so , who?
My mum has always been my inspiration. As a kid I remember going with her to salons so she could get her hair done and I just enjoyed sitting around and watching. She encouraged everything that I did.
She has taught me everything basically, from life lessons to love, to being kind, being strong and to know its ok to be weak at times. Even today when I do things I have her on my mind. She is no more with me but I know and feel that she is always watching over me. Life is a blessing.


It must get quite hectic now that you are a bigger place. What do you do to keep yourself grounded and balanced?
Take a deep breath, close my eyes and tell myself everything is going to be ok. Keeping calm is the only way to go and yes it’s hard sometimes! Keeping myself together helps the place stay together.

Will Bangalore see more branches of flirty scissors? Where do you see flirty scissors heading next?
People always walk in and ask me this – do you have more branches? Yes that is what I want but I am not going to be one of them who is just going to open up like crazy everywhere. I am all about quality and as long as I don’t perfect that in this place I will not go onto another as I would want the exact quality in my next branch as well. Flirty Scissors will always be about quality service where you will meet people who work with their heart and are following their passion. I have been thinking of coming up with an academy which will help hairdressers and makeup artists with proper knowledge and proper skill to pursue their future.


If you weren’t a hairdresser. what would you be?
Wow! I have always cut hair! Even as a kid. It’s hard to see myself as anything else but a hairdresser! I do have another passion and something that I love – working out! I love working out and people come to me and say I inspire them. When they see me working out they feel like working out. They ask me advice with their workout or diet and it is such a pleasure knowing that again I’m touching other people’s life. So may be a Personal Trainer! Ha-ha!

Finish the following sentence. On a day off I would…
On a day off I would be a lazy banana!



We are sure you come across all sorts of people in your field. How do you handle a dissatisfied customer?
I take it very personally when someone is dissatisfied and luckily I haven’t personally had one. But yes there were few clients who had that experience and I make sure I go up to them and talk as to what went wrong and understand the whole situation as if I were the client. So even if I have to fix it myself, I will with no hesitation. Seeing the smile back in their faces is when I know I’ve done my bit.



How important would you say is industry knowledge in your line of work? Do you have a favorite hairstylist?
Knowledge is everything! It is of extreme importance. There is something called having a vision, reading a face, reading hair and then knowing the right techniques. There are a lot of people I have come across who say I know it all but the truth is there is never know it all, there is never the end, there is always more learning and upgrading yourself. So having knowledge and upgrading your knowledge is part of this trade. I don’t really have a favorite hairstylist; I do admire people with passion who help inspire me.



Let’s talk about beauty tips. Quick and easy steps for s good hair day?
Use your fingers instead of a comb and set your style accordingly. Be it a messy bun or messy ponytail or just left alone to breathe.

Is there one hair routine/trend that works for everyone?
There is nothing as such. Everyone has different hair, what suits me might not suit you, it’s all about trial and error to find the right product or style.


Any celebrity hair you would like to work on?
Julia Roberts. I have loved her ever since I was a kid.

What is on your bucket list?
Wow! There’s a lot in there!
Here’s a few – Travel to Bora Bora, get a dog , try to give as much as to the needy, be it dogs in the streets or the poor and unfortunate. I drive around with biscuit packets in my car and small paper cups along with water bottle so when I spot a stray I go up to them and feed them.


Five random questions: –

What does your handbag currently have? And always have?
People call me grandma. My bag always has some cure or solution. From bandages to fever tablets, hand cream to sanitizer. Along with these I will always have a lip balm , a miniature perfume and my compact.

You’re currently obsessed with this one song…?
Say you won’t let go.

One restaurant you are in love with right now?

One word that you over use?

A shampoo you swear by?
Moroccan Oil


You have worked very hard to be where you are today. In today’s age many people burn out before they can make it. It is very easy for artist to feel dejected. How did you stay motivated?
It’s very important to stay motivated and that is why it has to be your passion. Challenge yourself every day, don’t run from a hard client or a hard situation. Instead face it, deal with it. You won’t’ believe how much you can conquer! It will eventually help you grow. That is how I’ve come this far and that is how I will keep growing.


So all of you who want to go chop chop this summer or want to unwind at the spa head on over to Flirty Scissors! You won’t regret it ! It’s a Doodle Guarantee!

6, 253,
Marenahalli Rd,
8th Block,

Instagram : Flirtyscissors


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